Empress Restorations

Dental restorations are often necessary to maintain oral health and the functionality of your natural teeth. There are many materials to choose from these days. Metal restorations are adequate but are not as aesthetically pleasing as tooth-colored restorations. Today many dentists are using Empress restoration materials to construct crowns that look like real teeth. Empress restorations are known for their strength and optical characteristics. They are constructed from ceramic glass which is baked and cured at high temperatures. Empress restorations are a vast improvement over traditional ceramic restorations.

The advantages of Empress restorations:

  • Excellent polishing properties
  • Fracture resistant
  • Many levels of translucency are available
  • Metal-free
  • Available in many shades to match other teeth

If you have any questions about Empress restorations, please call or contact our office.