Invisalign ® in Cincinnati

The main concern people have about braces is the look of metalwork on their teeth.  The idea of wearing unattractive metal braces is not appealing, especially to adults.  Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces; it is an almost invisible system that straightens teeth quickly and contains no metal.  Dr Thomas Yash is an Invisalign Certified Dentist.

The Invisalign system is a series of customized clear plastic aligners.  The aligners are changed every few weeks and can be removed by the patient which means that the length of treatment is patient controlled.

What problems does Invisalign correct?
Invisalign corrects the same problems as traditional metal braces which include:

Overcrowding: This is when there is not enough space for the teeth to align normally.  This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Large gaps between teeth: This occurs when teeth are missing or the jaw continues to grow abnormally.

Crossbite: This is a common problem when one or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth.  Jaw pain and TMJ may eventually occur.

Overbite:  This is when the upper teeth protrude further than the upper teeth.  Jaw pain and TMJ may eventually occur.

Underbite: This is the opposite of overbite.  The lower teeth may protrude further than the upper teeth.  Jaw pain and TMJ may eventually occur.

 invisalign cincinnatiInvisalign vs traditional braces and veneers
Invisalign, traditional braces, and dental veneers are three different approaches to correcting teeth alignment.  Each of these works better for different situations.

Invisalign braces are different from traditional metal braces in that the plastic aligners are removable.  This means that the patient must have more discipline and commitment, which generally isn’t a problem because the aligners are comfortable.  The results are almost identical between Invisalign and traditional braces.

Invisalign is often a better choice than veneers because unlike veneers, Invisalign strengthens the teeth.  A veneer is a thin cover that the dentist permanently attaches to the tooth.  The tooth must be etched before the veneer is placed, which means that to remove a veneer another covering for the tooth must be constructed.  Veneers can be somewhat expensive, can break, and often last for less than twenty years.

The Invisalign Treatment
Before the special aligners are created, three-dimensional digital images are taken of the entire jaw.  With these images the dentist can determine which teeth need to be moved and a sequence of aligning trays will be made.  The total number of aligners required depends on each individual case, but the average is 15.

Wearing Invisalign traysinvisalign photo 1 jpeg
Invisalign aligners should be worn at all times except when eating or drinking.  The aligners should be removed when eating or drinking so that food will not get trapped between the tray and teeth, which would cause tooth decay.  It will take a week or two to get used to wearing the aligners.  Generally the aligners are changed every two weeks.  Between appointments changes in the teeth can be seen with the naked eye.

The Invisalign system is known for being both comfortable and effective.  Invisalign has certainly revolutionized orthodontics.

Dr Yash is happy to answer any questions you may have about Invisalign.  If you have any questions, please call or contact our office.