Panoramic Xrays

 Panoramic x-rays (also called Panorex or orthopantomograms) are wraparound photos of the teeth and face.  They provide an ear-to-ear two-dimensional picture of the upper and lower jaw.  They are taken outside of the mouth and are simple to perform.  The camera rotates outside of the patient’s head.  Panoramic x-rays are generally taken at a patient’s first visit, and after that on an as-needed basis.

Doctor with xray

A panoramic x-ray provides a view of the nasal and sinus areas, as well as of the mandibular nerve.  It is not administered to provide a detailed view of each tooth; bitewing x-rays provide that.

Panoramic x-rays are used to:

  • Reveal the positioning of wisdom teeth
  • Evaluate TMJ
  • Assess patients with an extreme gag reflex
  • Show impacted teeth
  • Expose cysts and abnormalities
  • Show jawbone fractures
  • Help develop a treatment plan for dentures, implants, and braces
  • Reveal cavities and gum disease
  • Expose sinus problems

How are panoramic x-rays taken?
The equipment consists of a rotating arm that moves around the patient’s head, taking pictures of the outside of the head and mouth as it moves.

If you have any questions or concerns about panoramic X-rays, please call or contact our office.