A bright beautiful smile can greatly improve self confidence, and many people are choosing the Zoom Chairside Whitening System for  safe, fast, and effective teeth whitening.  Zoom uses proven chemical formulas that ensure the bleaching experience is painless with satisfying results.

Teeth darken or discolor for a variety of reasons.  As we age the outer layer of enamel wears away leaving a darker or yellow color.  Smoking, drinking coffee, tea, and wine also contribute to tooth discoloration.  Teeth can also become discolored by taking certain medications as a child or from excessive fluoridation during tooth development.

There are many whitening treatments available, including at-home products and in-office procedures.  Before beginning a bleaching regime it is important to consult Dr Yash to ensure that you are a good candidate for bleaching.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should not get bleaching treatment.

The results of any whitening system will vary according to the condition of the teeth and the degree of staining.  A consultation with Dr Yash will provide information regarding what kind of results to expect.  The Zoom! system is used only on healthy teeth and gums.  If decay or gum disease exist, they need to be controlled before bleaching treatment begins.

 The advantages of Zoom! are:

  •  Quick treatment time
  • All teeth treated simultaneously
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Longer lasting results
  • Safe procedure and treatment
  • Stain removal from veneers, crowns, and other restorations
  • Treatments are done by a trained and experienced professional

How does the Zoom system whiten teeth?
 The active ingredient in Zoom! is hydrogen peroxide which lightens the dentin and enamel of the teeth.  When the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied, the peroxide component breaks down into oxygen bubbles which remove staining and yellowing.

A special mercury metal halide light activates the gel in order to expedite the whitening process.  This light has an infrared filter that reduces the amount of heat (and therefore sensitivity) on the teeth during the procedure.  The basic structure of the teeth remains unaffected, healthy and intact during and after the treatment.

What is the procedure for getting Zoom! Whitening?

  •  Your teeth are cleaned to remove any debris and plaque
  • Special eyewear are provided to protect you from the halide light
  • Cheek retractors are used to expose the entire surface of the teeth
  • Your gums are covered or painted to reduce sensitivity
  • Whitening gel is applied to your teeth.
  • The Zoom! halide light is positioned to work on all of your teeth simultaneously.  The light activates the gel.
  • The gel is removed from the teeth after 15 minutes and the mouth is rinsed.
  • More gel is applied then treated with light for 15 minutes.
  • The gel is removed from the teeth after 15 minutes and the mouth is rinsed for a second time.
  • A third application of gel and light treatment for 15 minutes.
  • The gel is removed for the final time.

What happens after the Zoom! treatment?
 Any external influences that discolored the teeth in the first place can begin the process of discoloration after treatment.  Therefore, Dr Yash recommends maintaining good oral hygiene habits and occasional retreatment with Zoom! Weekender, an at-home treatment.

Dr Yash will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the Zoom! Chairside System.  If you have any questions, please call or contact our office.